London Blitz, September 1940

Elsie and Ruby Loftus with Joyce Jones, 1940s

Ruby Loftus, early 1940s

ROF Newport housing, built in 1941
Wartime Newport:
The Home Front

A Gun Girl

Ruby Loftus
Before the war
Ruby's parents, Martha (nee Williams) and Harold Loftus, lived in Central Road, Llanhilleth near Newport. They had four children, Elsie (born in 1919), Stella Ruby Isabella (known as Ruby, or Bella to the family, born 4th October 1921), Harold (born 1924) and Queenie (born 1925).

During the Depression of the 1930s Ruby's father Harold went to work for Shellmex in London. The family moved to Finchley where Ruby worked as an assistant in a tobacconist's shop in Monkville Parade. Harold died in 1938 while the family were still living in London.

When the London Blitz began in September 1940, the rest of the family returned to Newport to live in a flat above a shop opposite the chemical works in Corporation Road.

During the War, Martha Loftus was employed as a porter at Newport Railway Station. In November 1940, her daughters, Ruby, Elsie and Queenie went to work in the new Royal Ordnance Factory. test

This entitled the family to move to 20 Elgar Avenue in Alway which was one of the many new houses built for workers in reserved occupations.

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Ruby Loftus